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Topic: "Female characters in Jane Austen's Emma"

Even though your search will be successful if you search the complete text, e.g. for "Austen" and "character", or "woman", using the search index will lead to much better results.
Since the essay will deal with a literary work, we will primarily use the category "Discipline"/"Lierary Criticism". Only in singular cases keywords from the category "Topics and References" will be used. The category "Time Frame" will not be used at all.

1. systematic or alphabetic search for index numbers
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a. systematic search (browsing the index):

In regard to the example essay the following keywords from the category "Discipline"/"Literary Criticism" are especially interesting:

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b. alphabetic search:

Think about which keywords you want to search for. In the case of our example this could be words such as "Jane Austen/Emma", "Fictional Characters", "(Design of )Female Characters", or keywords concerned with the "Images of Women".
The result of this alphabetic search would be "Jane Austen" = 1209, "Jane Austen/Emma" = 1213, "Fictional Characters" = 462, "Design of Female Characters" = 439, "Images of Women" = 886, "Images of Women in Literature" = 892, and "Images of Women in Women's writing" = 913.

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2. The Search Form:

Since you can only combine two keywords or index numbers at a time, a selection has to be made. It is recommended to combine the literary work with one of the other keywords in order to optimize the search ideally. In the case of our example "Jane Austen/Emma" (1213) could be combined with "Design of Female Characters" (439), and afterwards with "Images of Women" (886), or "Images of Women in Women's Writing" (913).
Please make sure that you have chosen "index numbers" and not "complete text" from the search form! Fill in the two index numbers you have chosen and limit the year of publication to a certain period if you wish. If you click "submit" the results of your search will be displayed in the right window.

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